Raining Rats Rattery


New Rat Check List

  • An approved cage: visit Cages for more
  • Food: Kamlbach and Daily Rat Diet from (can be picked up with rats)
  • Carrier or spare cleaning cage: This can also be picked up with the rats.
  • Various toys (parrot toys) cardboard box forts 
  • Hammock, Hides, and beds. Can be found at  or Amazon has many (just watch the sizes)
  • Water Bottle: My rats prefer a glass water bottle. 
  • Ledges for added activity. I like to used Lava ledges, wood shelves and ropes
  • Litter Pan if you plan to potty train - metal baking pans are wonderful for this. Litter for this I suggest pine pellets and cheap rabbit food mixed.
  • If you plan to use fleece to cover ledges then you will need fleece liners can be found @
  • I like to provide a deep base for digging through whatever fun substrate you may use in the bottom of your cage. None the less include a deep dig box for play!
  • ​A food dish is optional- I like to scatter feed my Daily Diet, and always have lab block provided.  You may want a dish to provide daily fresh foods in.

Optional items can be purchased: 

  • Wheel! Some rats adore their wheel others can care less. Wheel should be at the very least 11inches - many Etsy sellers offer wonderful silent wheels.
  • PVC Tube - Always a fun run through.
  • Additional perches and ropes to really pile in the things to do.
  • Adorkable Pets 8x8 rat swing - My guys just adore this so everyone should also have :) 



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