Raining Rats Rattery



New Rat Check List


(  ) Cage- Martins Cage, Prevue, Critter Nation, or similar (1/2 inch bar spacing)


(  ) Food- Can be purchased at (Oxbow, Mazuri Lab Block also suitable) ​


(  ) Carrier- Great place for the rat to go in while you clean, or small trips. (can also get from

                       Raining Rats when you pick up included in package) 


(  ) Toys- Small bird Toys work well I also like to visit Goodwill for baby toys. 


(  ) Beds- Hammock, Baskets, Box (RRRA offers these through the store)


(  ) Water Bottle- I like lixit brand Rats prefer glass


(  ) Rock, Brick or Lava Perch- Wonderful for keeping little toenails trim and box training!


(  ) Litter Pan- Something not to high sided, we use simple baking pans.


(  ) Litter- I like Swheat Scoop or generic, yesterdays news, or Corn Kob.


(  ) Fabric- Strips of fleece fabric cut, to be used as bedding or in a dig box.


(  ) Bedding- if planning to use aspen, or paper base (not a fan of care fresh)


(  ) Food Dish- I like ceramic best, they are heavy duty and can’t be knocked over.


Optional Items:


(  ) Wheel- *Must be over 11inch round Wodent Wheel 


(  ) Tubes- *I use PVC pipe from Home Depot


(  ) Rope Perch- *Mine adore these.


(  ) RRRA Mush- *Great warm food - Comes in Raining Rats Take home package


(  ) Fabric liners *Can be bought online to fit your cage.

(  ) Wood Ledges, from Adorkable Pets. Rats adore the 8x8 Swing

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