Raining Rats Rattery

5 pounds Mixed Veggies chopped

2 pounds Broccoli steamed chopped

1 pound Sweet Potato cooked and cubed 

2 pounds Blueberries

1 pound Spinach

1 pound Kale

1 bunch Parsley

1 pound Cinnamon Sticks crushed

1 can Tumeric or root chopped

6 cloves garlic crushed

2 pounds Squash cubed

7 Bean Soup Mix prepared

1 bag lintels

1 bag peas

1 pound bag Brown and Black Rice (prepared with soup mix)

1/2 pound Steal Cut Oats

3-6 cups RRRA Mush prepared

1 bag Coconut

1 cup pound Flaxseed

1/2 cup Chia Seed

mixed fruits cubed/chopped Apples are my fave

3 Banana's

1-2 cans Salmon

1/2 cup Fish Oil/Coconut Oil

2 bullion cubes chicken

4 cups barley


Start with soaking the bean soup overnight. Drain off half and then simmer 8hours in stovetop. I like to add the rice about 30 mins before I pull it from the oven. This will soak up a lot of the left liquid as well and cook the rice some. Turn off oven and add in Steal Cut oats to this to cook and cool. 


Cook and cool RRRA Mush - Add to mix


Chop all veggies, and fruits. Add into cooled mix.  Add in all dry ing. Add in oils and Salmon. 


Bag up in portions in baggies and freeze. I like to use this mix eavery other day opposite to my sprouted Barley. I just pull a bag the day before from the freezer to the fridge to thaw. Sometimes I will add things like cottage cheese, eggs, yogurts or whatever fun wet item to this mix. Once a month I add in goldenseal/echinacea to give an immune boost.


This makes a CRAP ton of food! (unless you have 50 rats your feeding ;)